Medicene and job search sagas

After 2 recent hospitalisations which weren’t very pleasant, I have decided to stick to medications. So I feel a bit dull but its ok. Sometimes I do get fits and I am always having to learn tamil etc. I am also actively looking for jobs and still feel confused on how to take the laptop…

Joke cash and bit coins ..

Just got some virtual cash or joke cash usd and inr will get every month. You are welcome to some for soveniers or invite. I play stock games anyway and investing today in Argo getting some bit coin gold in 2 weeks.. you can order too..Made some 1 rupee bit coins till it comes.Anyway website… for family

1/19, 22:32] Dr. Harish Ravi ⚛️ 💻🖱️📱📈: Was fun installing for parents and aunt they are now less defeatable nicer and hope I have a family and earn some money too. A stronger family.. Hope they play ocassionally.. I have premium now.. They played like 5 games which helps for life .. Their behaviour…

Best customer care pic

have a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good dayhave a good day [Program finished]

Life is cool

Just make and drink tea coffee play chess and excercise and music and do large cubes and sell and do consultancy or get a job etc.

Chess ♟️♟️

I code learn and play chess let me know if youu want to play any time control from 1min to 10 min or even 30 min.. More boards to come play with mom and friends visiting from far on this teaching aunt and dad and some kids far play with cousin dan online sister etc…